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Discover what’s behind Paramoda

The leading company in footwear components

Since 1988, we have acquired the experience and the necessary means to be able to assure our clients a vanguard product, with the highest quality and design standards. Combining artisan know-how with the most advanced technology to offer the best product.

We make two collections per year following global fashion trends, trying to bring a differentiating touch to each campaign. We run away from conventions to surprise year after year with our products.

The experiences gained in these thirty years have made us a leading company, providing the necessary novelty and innovation in the world of fashion.

We thank clients, suppliers and collaborators for the opportunity to have reached this point, and we hope to continue contributing with our professionalism to your product.



Thank you for being part of our history, letting us be part of yours.

Paramoda’s facilities between 1997 to 2011

Paramoda’s team in 2001

Exhibition at Paramoda (2018)

Paramoda’s logo between 1994 and 2009

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