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Paramoda, the leading company in shoe ornaments

Since 1988, in Paramoda we have worked with the main goal of offering quality products, at the forefront of design and applying our wide experience in every single detail. This has been and will continue being our trademark.

The passion and dedication for what we do leads us to take care of our product in a unique way. With a manufacturing process that combines the most advanced technology with the artisan origin that characterizes us. Our shoe ornaments are the result of the know-how that we have applied for more than 30 years and which has a main protagonist: hand-made work.

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Artificial leather and fabric flowers



Leather and fabric bows









Laser cutting and engraving on leather, fabrics and plastics



Background embossing



¿Why choosing Paramoda?

For 30 years, in Paramoda we have grown together with our clients working with firm values that have made us the leading company that we are today.

These, together with the experiences acquired in our thirty years of experience, have made us a company that provides the novelty and innovation necessary in the world of fashion, and that knows how to perfectly combine professionalism with close and cordial treatment.

We apply our experience in each product we make. In conclusion, all our shoe ornaments, leather goods and clothing are the result of a great work process, based on our characteristic know-how, obtaining a unique product of quality and design.

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