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Ornaments for shoes, leather goods and clothing


The culmination of more than 30 years of experience

The experience gained over more than 30 years allows us today to produce the most extensive collections of ornaments for shoes, leather goods and clothing in the entire sector. We present two collections each year, spring-summer and autumn-winter, which are inspired by global fashion trends. This, combined with our personal touch results in a unique products in quality and design.

But how is this accomplished?

The secret is in the production process, which since our origins has been the fundamental factor in obtaining a product that meets the highest quality and design standards. Our manufacturing process has been optimized and equipped with the most advanced machinery to improve season after season.

But without a doubt, the key to achieving excellence in each of our shoe ornaments is the final finish. For this we use the best machinery we have: the hands of our workers. Because we believe that there is no machine that is better than human hands.

This is what defines Paramoda: a unique manufacturing process, a highly motivated team of professionals and experts, the most advanced technology and improvement year after year.

For these reasons, the products that we show you below are the result of experience coupled with passion, which leads us to excel in each new design.

Artificial leather and fabric flowers

Leather and fabric bows


Laser cutting and engraving on leather, fabrics and plastics


Background embossing

Rhinestones and termoadhesive transfers

Engraving on leather and fabrics

Embroidery on fabrics and leather

Lined metal buttons and buckles

Lined buttons and buckles that can be personalized

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